12 Strong Topic Ideas For A Math Extended Essay

Writing a math extended essay can be quite a challenge unless you are using an IB extended essay writing service. You have many factors to consider such as following the right format, choosing the best approach for your study, and defending your thesis (if required). So choosing an engaging topic that pertains to today’s issues is a crucial first step when you are in the planning stages.

Obviously, mathematics are your primary interest or else you wouldn’t have this assignment, to begin with due to not being enrolled in a course that goes above and beyond Algebra 102 or Geometry 104. (Even if you’re forced to endure a statistics course, you would have some interest in mathematical data or at least possess an awareness of working with numbers in your chosen field.) So one bit of advice on selecting a topic for your extended essay topics is to combine your intrigue with math with a problem, scenario or specific career domain (e.g.: medical, technology, sociology, business, etc.) that will not only hold your attention but also relate to current trends or events.

So here some suggestions for fascinating math essay topics to get you started:

In the area of education, some possible themes are:

  • Possible correlation between district-level standardized test scores or GPA’s and performance on the SAT
  • Prevalence of stress and coping skills of secondary university-bound students (Think ratios and statistics)
  • Effectiveness of literacy programs (school or community-wide) towards improving reading skills (You can probably narrow down to an age range or grade level(s))

For the medical field, the possibilities are endless. Consider these three suggestions:

  • Possible direct correlation between usage of “antibacterial” products, like hand sanitizer for instance and the rise of the “Super Bug.”
  • The odds of another pandemic, similar to the 1918 worldwide influenza outbreak, occurring
  • The impact of advertising on childhood obesity (Again, think ratios, statistics, and probability)

In the realm of computer technology, you can look into any one of these subjects:

  • Best formula and combinations for SEO
  • The use of prime numbers and modular arithmetic to maintain privacy with RSA Public Key Cryptography
  • Correlation between the use of electronic pay services (Skrill for example) and users’ professions.

Of course, there are a variety of areas to explore within the content of math itself and its applications. Some possibilities include the following:

  • Study of alternatives to Euclidean geometry and their applications
  • Close study of Sophie Germain’s Theorem
  • Real life dilemmas that can be solved with strategies of complex number problem-solving

As you can see, there are many different subjects to explore when writing about mathematical concepts and how they relate to the real world. You can dive more into the content area of science and hypothesize the route(s) of a comet that could impact the earth. Concerning sociological and psychological studies, you can look into various statistical investigations of human behavior. Another rather amusing numerical investigation could involve a study of probability in gambling venues or about other types of gaming, like Fantasy Football. (Be careful with your finances, though.)

However, some tips to remember as you examine these topics is to choose the “sub-area” that interests you the most (unless it’s all about the math), as you will devote a lot of time to this project; make sure you have a clear and measurable hypothesis; and clarify any questions on format with your instructor. With these recommendations and a lot of calculating, you will compose the perfect paper.