Crafting an Argumentative Essay on Technology Forecasting

When you tend to compose a short range argumentative essay about technology, you should remember few basic points and formalities to craft the academic article without breaking the content writing rules. Have basic online writing guide to jot down or craft the argumentative article on technology forecasting.
  • Track Main Points to Craft Content on Modern Technology
    The future of technology needs to be properly evaluated to monitor the progression of the innovative technology in the society. The changes in the science and technology must be productive to enable people to use the upgraded devices/methods /technologies dynamically. For this reason, at the time of writing any opinion based or persuasive or argumentative content, track the main points to explain in lucid language. A top science and technology essay must include a short introduction, then body and finally a brief conclusion. The body of the content must have couple of supportive paragraphs. So, go through the guidelines properly to write an argumentative article on technology.
  • Main Components of Argumentative Article on Technology
    • The first introductory paragraph containing thesis statement and handful of transitional hooks
    • Supportive paragraphs which form the body of the content
    • Conclusion
    • Restoration of the thesis statement in the concluding part of the content
    • Good title on the top of the content as well
    • Usage of good examples/ quoted statements in the supportive paragraphs
  • Use Various Methods to Craft Argumentative Content on Progress in Technology
    In the argumentative content, try to support what you believe personally. However, you must be very much meticulous to analyze the content through different phases of cross verification, content assessment and researches as well. Include few popular theories to complete an argumentative article on technology forecasting. Truly speaking, right now, Delphi method is used by experts to assess the importance of innovation in the conventional technology in upcoming days. A panel of experts guided by a facilitator comes to a conclusion through recurrent debates, cross examination and data analysis. They are finally unanimous to forecast the future of technology. Their assumptions are filtered in the light of logistic gloss. They have extrapolated facts and analogies as well to give their final feedbacks/verdicts based on cluster of references, examples, samples, and views.