Tutorial on Completing an Essay on Technology and Society

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Give Examples to Write Articles/Academic Content on Dystopian Society

Dystopian society is fully against what is natural. It is the negative form of Utopia. All people will be vultures with ill purposes to hit one another without solution for pacification. The world will be necropolis, defunct and deadly with vengeance to spray the venom of vulgarity. There will be war, ethnic clashes, and racial profiling. It will be a place for evil spirit. Huxley’s Brave New World is the example of dystopian society. Have more ingredients to structure such awe-inspiring dystopian society essay.

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Write a paper on technology including the changes and transition in the society. People need to be alert and careful about the devastating side effect of the technological advancement. That means, technology must not be used to create Huxley’s hatchery in which only powerful intellectuals will survive. It will be a new dystopian community in which Alpha Beta and intellectuals will hold the sway to exploit the downtrodden class. You need step-by-step guide to write such a wonderful write-up to attract your readers.
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