IELTS Essay Writing Tactics And Strategies

If you are preparing for your IELTS test, then you may be looking for some tactics and strategies for the IELTS essay writing part of the test. It is better to prepare carefully for this test so that you can secure the good grades that you want. Read on to find out more about the IELTS essay part of this test.

  • Structure of the Essay
  • Before writing the essay it may be helpful if you are confident with its basic structure. You may get help from a book that is concerned with essay writing.

  • Which tasks to do first?
  • You may want to start with Task 2 as it carries more marks. You can spend about 20 minutes upon Task 1. For Task 2 you may want to spend around 40 minutes.

  • Practice writing
  • You may want to practice writing both these tasks so that you can see how much time you take for them. You may want to practice by looking at some IELTS essay topics. You can ask someone to see what you have written so that they can tell you your mistakes.

  • Enhance your vocabulary
  • When writing the IELTS essay, you will need to have a good academic vocabulary. Therefore find ways to improve your vocabulary. Also be alert of your spelling, punctuation as well as grammar.

  • How many words?
  • Be alert of how many words are needed for every task. Figure out how long the specified amount of words looks within your own writing as you may not have enough time to spend counting within the test.

  • Stay away from informal writing
  • Do not include abbreviations. Also do not have 1st as well as 2nd pronoun along with possessive, i.e. 1, your, you, my and me). This can be in your conclusion only when you need to tell your opinion.

  • The body of the essay
  • Try and include the following in every body paragraph:

    • Your topic sentence
    • Your supporting sentences, about 2 to 3 sentences
    • The development sentences

    Above are some tactics that may help you in the IELTS essay part of the IELTS test. Try and practice much before taking this test. Click to find more helpful hints by looking at this site.