How To Construct A 5 Paragraph Essay About Chemistry Of Water

Water covers about 70% of the earth surface and its chemistry are basically about its properties. If you’re looking to construct a 5 paragraph essay, APA format, then take a look at the information we have in this article.

  • Important Tips
    • Know your audience - Are you writing for high school or college students?
    • Conduct a thorough research on the exact properties you’ll be writing on.
    • Identify your writing style; in this case, APA Format
    • Proofread your 5 paragraph essay to make sure it is devoid of contradictions and grammatical errors.
  • Introduction
  • In this paragraph, it is essential to explain what water is and how it sustains life on earth. Introducing briefly its properties will create the necessary platform for those properties to be discussed in the body paragraphs.

  • Body
  • In the body of your essay, list the three properties you want to discuss and tackle each one individually. One very important thing to note in this kind of write-up is the raising of points backed by scientifically proven experiments and explanations. This is pure chemistry and to be able to construct a good write up, you must include works of the renowned scientist in the field. Now, let’s take a look at some of the properties you can write on as a quintessential example;

    • Composition of water
    • Hydrogen and oxygen are the components of water and these elements isotopes are radioactive and naturally stable. The molecular formula for water is H2O and the atomic weights for hydrogen and oxygen are 1 gram and 16 grams respectively.

    • Hydrogen Bonding
    • This is the process where partially positive hydrogen atom becomes electrostatically attracted to the partially negative oxygen atom on a nearby molecule. This is an important property of the chemistry of water and much can be written on it.

    • Structure of water
    • It is said that water has an exceptional molecular structure. Its O-H bond lengths measure 0.096nm and its H-O-H angle is 104.5o.

    • Surface Tension
    • This is the property that allows bodies that are denser than water to stride and float on the surface as a result of the elasticity tendency of fluid.

    • Electrolysis of water
    • Electrolysis of water is the decomposing of water to give off oxygen and hydrogen gasse

      s due to an electric current being passed through it, this is termed as electrolysis of water.
    • Autoionization
    • Also known as self-ionization and auto-dissociation, is the process where the nucleus of a water molecule loses of one of the hydrogen atoms to and turns into a hydroxide ion

  • Conclusion
  • Conclude by giving out a summary of your write up and why you think water is essential in our lives. Following this approach will go a long way to help you in writing a 5 paragraph essay about the chemistry of water.