List Of 20 Unique Chemistry Essay Topics

Chemistry is known as the central science and holds highly intriguing topics to write on. If you’re looking for a thought-provoking paper to write, take a look at our list of 20 unique chemistry essay topics.

Topics in chemistry

  • Diet sodas; Its chemistry and effects
  • This is a topic worth writing a chemistry essay on. Multinational companies have made fortunes out of diet sodas making this rather sensitive areas to write on.

  • Fluoride
  • Fluoride is known to prevent tooth decay and recent research has established its linkage to low IQ and diabetes. It’s like a double-edged sword, bringing good and bad concurrently.

  • Careers in Chemistry
  • Chemistry holds lots of career aspirations and producing a write up on this will enlighten people who want to venture in this field

  • Chemicals used in food storage
  • Storing and preserving food is very critical in maintaining food security worldwide. This will investigate the role chemistry plays in this regard.

  • Renewable and Non-renewable energy sources
  • Chemistry holds the key to the discussion which of these sources will best satisfy the energy needs of mankind looking at our growth against keeping the earth in shape.

  • Humans, Chemical ingredients, and Our Ozone Layer
  • Some chemical ingredients affect negatively the Ozone layer and they’re produced as a result of human activities involving chemicals. An essay about chemistry should give you a lot to write on.

  • Arsenic and Drinking water
  • Arsenic is potential cancer-causing element found in the environment. How is knowledge gained from chemistry being used to solve this issue?

  • The impact of chemistry in forensics
  • Forensics has become an integral part of solving crimes and chemistry has played an important role in this development. To what extent is this true?

Other topics worth looking to includes:

  • Chemistry and Religion; All you need to know
  • Pheromones and Humans
  • Synthetic chemistry and Catalysis
  • Chemistry role in dental fillings
  • Bio and Medicinal Chemistry
  • Ossification
  • Carbon dioxide; Capturing and Using it
  • Chemistry greatest achievements
  • Chemistry and Aging
  • Agricultural and Food Chemistry
  • Generation of chemical fuels from water
  • The role of Chemistry in beauty and makeup

The above topics should definitely help bring out the best in anyone looking to have a good write up in chemistry. Click to read more information about chemistry.