Complete An Outstanding Essay

There are elements in every research paper that need to be covered. Skipping over critical elements in your research paper is one way to make sure that you don’t get the grade that you want. Here are 5 rules to follow when writing your research paper.

Create a Strong Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the central theme of your research paper. The entire paper should focus on either supporting or proving your thesis. Skipping strong thesis development can lead to an essay that is a jumbled mess of points that don’t really support any central topic.

Follow the Instructions

Most instructors give detailed instructions to follow when writing a research paper. If they do not they will at least provide a grading rubric. Follow this rubric like it is your life.

The grading rubric is what your instructor uses to grade your paper. If you skip elements covered in the rubric, you won’t get the points assigned to that portion of the rubric.


Now most people know that a good paper is preceded by a good brainstorming session. What a lot of people fail to do is to write their brainstorming down on a piece of paper. Make sure you write your brainstorming session down! An outline format is going to be the best format to write this information down. It helps you organize all of your ideas into a logical flow.

Find good Supporting Material

A great thesis statement may not be all that you need to write a good research paper. Sometimes that great thesis you have come up with has absolutely no support. If you cannot find solid evidence to support your thesis statement then you should think about changing your thesis statement to reflect the evidence that you found.

Edit like your life depends on it

Well, maybe edit like your grade depends on it. Editing your work is the key to getting good grades on your research papers. If you leave common spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and factual mistakes in your paper you will not succeed in writing a great research paper. Make sure that you don’t accidently write “The declaration of independence was wrote in 1773.” There is so much wrong in that one sentence that it will make your teacher bleed red ink all over your paper.